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Ng-News: Episode 22/16

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Node.js 18

Node.js was released in v18.

The most significant addition was the support for the fetch method. fetch is a modern Promise-based alternative to the old xhr request. In the past, you had to use third-party libraries like axios or request. They are not required anymore.

The second main addition was the native support for writing tests. Here again, the future will show if this has an impact on the existing testing libraries.

We see a trend that frameworks move parts of their processing back to the server. Remix or React Server Components might be a good example here. So we can expect that Node.js as platform will become more important in Angular as well.

Release Notes Node.js 18

Nx 14

The other main event was the release of nx, an extension to the Angular CLI, in version 14. Unfortunately, we don't have an article that explains all new features.

Looking at the ChangeLog though, we see that most of the Angular-related additions center around Module Federation.

Nx will organize a free conference this Friday, where you can get a full introduction to the latest version.

ChangeLog nx 14

nx conf / lite

Paul Mead on Atomic Design

When it comes to organizing our components, splitting them up into container and presentational components is a very popular pattern.

Atomic Design is an alternative and suggests a 5-level hierarchy. Paul Mead has written an introductory article about this topic.


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