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Ng-News: Episode 22/18

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Angular v14.0.0-next.15 / Standalone Components

Some fuzz was going on about Angular's beta/next for the next major release, which is 14. It already contains standalone components and a bootstrapApplication method that takes a standalone AppComponent instead of the usual AppModule.

So if you are curious and have the time, you can already try it out to get a first real-life impression of how it feels to work with standalone components.

Release Notes v14.0.0-next.15

Brandon Roberts also did a video where he and his guests discussed the impact of the new features.

There was more official information on that topic in the monthly ng gaming video stream. Standalone components will obviously land in v14 but only as a developer preview. The plan is to fully enable them in version 15.

NgRx 13.2

NgRx, the most used Angular library for state management, got an upgrade to 13.2. ActionGroup is a new feature which will reduce the boilerplate code.

Explanation of new Action Group Creator

At the moment, NgRx requires NgModules. There is now a PR which shows a path how NgRx would look like in the new world without NgModules. It is very nice to see that not just Angular but also the ecosystem starts to prepare for the big change.

RFC: Standalone NgRx APIs


Jest 28.1

Jest, a testing framework, had a minor version upgrade to 28.1.

Nx 14.1

Nx, a popular build framework, released 14.1. It is now possible to migrate an Angular CLI workspace with multiple projects to nx.

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