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Ng-News: Issue 22/11

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Igor Minar and the future of web frameworks

Igor Minar has been one of the central figures behind Angular for many years. He left Angular last December and published now an article where he laid out his view of the current state of JavaScript frameworks.

Igor has identified three generations of JavaScript frameworks so far. Currently, we reached a point where we have to build huge applications, but the frameworks themselves are too hard, they produce a lot of JavaScript, and the parts of the application are too tightly coupled.

According to Igor, the next generation of frameworks will make use of the improvements in terms of latency. And that allows us to move more of the processing back to the server-side. That doesn't mean plain SSR but is more of a hybrid approach.

So summarised, an excellent write-from somebody who knows a lot about web development and it is definitely worth the time to read and study.

Interestingly, the Angular team said they would look into potential improvements in the SSR area in the second half of this year. Let's see what they'll come up with.

Doug Parker: Between Server-Side- and Client-Side Rendering

By coincidence, Doug Parker, tech lead of the Angular tooling team, wrote an article including a prototype about this "hybrid client-/server-side" approach. But instead of implementing it in Angular, the prototype uses only native JavaScript.

So if you are interested in this topic, definitely take a look at it.


Angular 13.3

Angular had a minor version upgrade to 13.3. It now includes TypeScript 4.6, which I covered in detail in

EnterpriseNG - Free All-Access Pass

Enterprise took place last year and it is now possible to watch all session recordings.

Nx 13.9

Nx is an extension to the Angular CLI. The latest updates includes many bug fixes but also new features.

PrimeNg 13.3

PrimeNg is a very popular UI library.

Transloco 3.2

Transloco is an internationalization library for Angular from the same team which made Akita, Elf, and Spectator. 3.2 adds a new event which triggers when the language is changed.

Prettier 2.6

Prettier is an automatic code formatter. The latest version supports an option to have one line per HTML attribute. This feature is required by Airbnb's & Vue's JavaScript style guides.

It also fully supports TypeScript 4.6.

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