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CSS through the ages - The Proposal

It all began in 1994. So, what happened with the world in 1994
The 1994 Winter Olympics were held in Lillehammer, Norway; Nelson Mandela casted his vote in the 1994 South African general election, in which he was elected South Africa's first president, The 1994 FIFA World Cup was held in the United States; you might be wondering why I am telling about the events in history here, which is no way related to CSS, It is because these events were interesting due to the fact that something big happened in the CSS world whenever there is a major history event.

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It was in 1994, a Norwegian engineer Hakon Wium Lie proposed a universal standardised style sheet for the internet

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Among the people who responded to the first draft of CSS was Bert Bos. At that time, he was building Argo, a highly customizable browser with style sheets, and he decided to join forces with Håkon.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respected centres for scientific research.

At the next WWW conference in April 1995, CSS was presented again. Both Bert and Håkon were there.

The Presentational Markup

<FONT COLOR="red">Chapter 1.</FONT>
<CENTER>I am center aligned text</CENTER>
<P ALIGN="right">This is a right aligned text</P>
<DIV BGCOLOR="yellow"></DIV>
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