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rajasekharguptha profile image Rajasekhar Guptha ・1 min read

A minimal portifolio card for developers (DevCard) πŸ’™


Don't forget to give ⭐ if you like it.

You can make it your's with simple changes.

I have used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Icons: Font Awesome

Making it Yours

Clone this repository

$ git clone


just fork this repository

(Ignore readme_images folder)

Make it yours with these simple changes.

  • In index.html :

Dev name

  1. Change Dev_name to your name (highlighted above)
  2. Add your Description

Social Media

  1. replace my links with your's (highlighted above)
  2. Comment or un comment icons as per your wish


  • replace with your website or blog link or comment it out if you don't want to.

After making changes deploy it.

I highly recommend Github Pages to deploy as it is so simple

  • Add modified files to your repository and enable Github pages in repository settings..

Feel free to contribute and take DevCard to further level

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