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World Of Cloud Technology

Hi, Everyone
Welcome to the world of Cloud.
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You people ones in your life definitely listen the word CLOUD.I know many of you think about sky but wait this is not what you think, I am asking about the technology cloud yes right that is CLOUD COMPUTING.We all use this technology day to day in our life. Let's know more about it with me.

Let's Begin,
So very first question comes in mind that


Let's first answer this.

So, CLOUD COMPUTING is the technology that is used to deliver on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
Some of the examples are networks, servers, storage, applications and many more.



Public Clouds are cloud environments typically created from IT infrastructure not owned by end user.


Private Cloud are loosely defined as cloud environment solely dedicated to a single and user or group, where the environment usually runs behind that user or group's firewall. All cloud become the private clouds when the underlying IT infrastructure dedicated to a single customer with completely isolated access.


Hybrid Cloud is a seemingly single IT created from multiple environments connected to local area networks(LANs), wide area networks(WANs), Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) and APIs.
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Why we need this?

This is the best question because if we know their need we know the value of this technology.


It means we can use cloud technology such as processing power, storage and networks using simple interface without any human interaction with service provider.


It means cloud computing can be accessed via the network through standard mechanisms and platforms such as mobile phone, Laptops and many more ways.


It means cloud providers uses multi-tenant model through which computing resources are pooled to multiple consumer, cloud resources are assigned and reassigned on the, according to demand without customers needing to concern themselves with the physical location of their resources.


It implies that you can use and access more resources when you need them, and the scale back when you don't, because resources are elastically provisioned and released.


It means you have to pay only for what you use. Resource usage is monitored, measured and reported transparently based on utilization.
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1.Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

With his service you lease IT infrastructures services and Virtual Machines, storage, systems, operating frameworks from a cloud supplier on pay as you go basis.

2.Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform as a service alludes to cloud computing services that supply on-demand condition for creating, testing, conveying and
managing software applications. PaaS is intended to make it easier for engineers to rapidly create web or versatile apps, without intense over setting up or managing the hidden infrastructure of servers, storage, system and database required for advancement.

3.Servers Storage Network (SaaS)

With this we can connect external storage and devices over a network to all connected computers. Storage Networking makes it possible to share one or more storage resources on a network in an IT environment, where a single storage server can be used to provide storage capacity to multiple users simultaneously.
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2.Automated Updates on Software
3.All over Functioning
4.Flexiblity in Capacity
5.Enhanced Collaboration
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That are the some advantages of using cloud computing .
At last but not least I want to say that this technology is really helpful for all human beings.

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