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Raksha Kannusami
Raksha Kannusami

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⭐ this GitHub repository for Array pseudo-codes! 🎉

I have been learning data structures and algorithms for a while and have been learning using various resources online.

I started with the simplest data-structure, Arrays.

As a part of this, I maintained a Github repository to save all the pseudo-codes so that it becomes easy for future reference.

GitHub logo rakshakannu / Datastructures-arrays

collection of various problems and solutions on array data structure.


logic of various problems in arrays.

Most of the code is in JAVA, but since they are pseudo-codes, you shouldn’t have any difficulties understanding it even if you are using other languages. 😊

If you are learning Datastructures and algorithms, you can star ⭐️ or fork this repository, I'm sure it will help you in the last minute revision!

Since there are a lot of people preparing I thought sharing this will help many aspirants like me who are preparing for interviews or want to improve their DSA skills!

Will be sharing more, as and when I progress.

Keep coding! keep learning! keep growing! 💖

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Rohit Kumawat

Great list of questions.

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Raksha Kannusami

thank you! glad you found it helpful!