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I'm going to start a JAVA Series! 🎉

rakshakannu profile image Raksha Kannusami Updated on ・1 min read

I will be starting a series of articles dedicated to Data Structures and Algorithms in JAVA!! Will be diving deep into every Data Structure and Algorithm and providing pseudo-codes for everything.

I will be linking a few questions so that you can later practice after reading the article! 🥳

I believe this is going to help me learn in the best way and also help someone who wishes to learn Java! 💖

I will be beginning with the basics of the Java language. I'm very excited about this, and hope you are too!


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On what platform? Github?


Nope. I will be writing articles here, explaining the concepts. Do look out for it! I do have a habit of saving my codes in GitHub repositories. You can have a look at them from my profile incase you are curious. 😁


Oh, Thanks !! I am looking forward to it. From when you are gonna start ? :)

Ultimate basics of Java core language!

I am asking about the starting date. :/

Will be posting an article every 3- 4 days. :))


Grt. From when

The first post will be up anytime! 👩🏻‍💻


It is going to be Java 8!