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As a Chief tech fella (say CTO), what tech-stack would you like to choose for your project and what are the exact reasons?

Imagine a situation where you're in charge of a high-end project as a chief tech fella. Among usual technologies which ones would you choose And in what circumstances? Where would you pick Java (JVM family), Python/Ruby or Node.js and PHP? And other scenarios where you'd take other paths.

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rhymes • Edited

It depends on so many factors I guess, for starters:

  • are you the newcomer on a team with established technologies?
  • what sort of app are you developing?
  • how easy is to find developers for your team if you choose technology X or Y?
  • do you need to use a particular framework or library that's only available for one stack?

We don't like to admit it but a lot of stacks are totally equivalent (in the sense that you can create an app with either Java or Ruby) in some domains.

If I were in charge I would probably start with what I'm familiar with or everybody is familiar with unless there's a strong reason not to do so, users don't care which language you used to create the app they use :-)

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