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Ram Maheshwari ⚑
Ram Maheshwari ⚑

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Can You Use A Template For Your Web Development Portfolio? πŸ€”

In my latest Youtube Video, you will understand the importance of using a template for your portfolio website and why you should use one to build your own portfolio website instead of building your portfolio website from scratch 🀯

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Top comments (6)

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ • Edited

Or maybe just don't build one? They're really not necessary

rammcodes profile image
Ram Maheshwari ⚑

I guess they aren't necessary for people with a strong background ( someone who graduated from prestigious universities like Harvard/Stanford ) but for the average individual, a Portfolio can be a great tool to land opportunities.

joelbonetr profile image
JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡ • Edited

I've one since 10 years ago, rebuilt like 5 times just for fun but actually it's not something that I'd say it's a must 🀣 even my post explaining how I built it had thousands of views (It's may be a bit outdated) I think it's something you do because you can/want/like.

Having a good LinkedIn profile is much more important at the end honestly.

On the other hand if you're a 100% backend dev, data guy, infrastructure wizard or ML robot it's ok to use a template.
If you're a frontend dev you definitely should NOT do that. Is easy to see that is a template hence you may not have the skills you should have. The same applies to full-stack or multi-stack devs (i.e. front + back).

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

An active and interesting GitHub (or similar) account is a far better tool

nombrekeff profile image

I'd say that if you're a front end dev, NO, dont use a template, use this as an oportunity to learn and work on something for yourself. People can note if it's a tempalte or not, and will not give a good image (in case you're a front-end developer of course).

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Much better to build your own website in my opinion if your a frontend developer. Especially if you are a beginner because you need something to show.

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