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Katsiaryna (Kate) Lupachova
Katsiaryna (Kate) Lupachova

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Render, update, and transform Excel spreadsheet data into an array of objects using React.js

Originally posted on my personal blog

Nowadays it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t use MS Excel as an obvious go-to tool for data management. It’s quite simple and accessible software which definitely does a great job in some situations and when managed by a professional. But at the same time, the use of Excel has a lot of disadvantages compared to web tools.

That’s why more and more companies are willing to move out of Excel Hell and switch to modern web applications.

Recently on one of my freelance projects, I needed to develop a feature in the dashboard for a recruiter to be able to quickly upload data about available job positions from an Excel sheet into the app’s database. As I didn’t find any ready-made solution and think it might be an often time used feature, I decided to develop a library by myself and make it available for the community. So any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

Demo App



npm install --save @ramonak/react-excel
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Usage Example

import { ReactExcel, readFile, generateObjects } from '@ramonak/react-excel';

const App = () => {
  const [initialData, setInitialData] = useState(undefined);
  const [currentSheet, setCurrentSheet] = useState({});

  const handleUpload = (event) => {
    const file =[0];
    //read excel file
      .then((readedData) => setInitialData(readedData))
      .catch((error) => console.error(error));

  const save = () => {
    const result = generateObjects(currentSheet);
    //save array of objects to backend
    fetch("/api/save", {
        method: 'POST',
        body: JSON.stringify(result)

  return (
        onSheetUpdate={(currentSheet) => setCurrentSheet(currentSheet)}
      <button onClick={save}>
          Save to API
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The library consists of 3 parts:

  1. readFile function - reads excel file with the use of SheetJS library.
  2. ReactExcel component - a custom React.js component for rendering and editing an excel sheet on the screen.
  3. generateObjects function - generates an array of objects from excel sheet data using the following template:

excel sheet data:

id name age
1 John 25
2 Mary 31
3 Ann 23

will be transformed into:

    id: 1,
    name: "John",
    age: 25
    id: 2,
    name: "Mary",
    age: 31
    id: 3,
    name: "Ann",
    age: 23
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The complete source code of the @ramonak /react-excel library and the demo app is in this GitHub repo. Published npm package is here.

Feel free to suggest any improvements, create issues, or make feature requests. Any feedback is very welcome!

Top comments (4)

imsuvesh profile image
Suvesh K

Thanks, it really helped. Have you found any solution where I can take data from excel and get Json repeatedly or any way to automate this process so we don't have to upload and transform again and again?

ramonak profile image
Katsiaryna (Kate) Lupachova

Thank you! Happy it helped you!

As for your question, could you please give more details about your specific use case? If I get it right, you can just store JSON object from Excel in Redux store, or in Context, or whatever you are using, and then just get this object from there.

iyamus profile image
Happy Coding

Hi there! Thank you for sharing useful information! Well, is it possible to hide 'activeSheetClassName' if there's only one sheet? As far as looking into Readme in your git, its data type is a string but when I set it as an empty string like "" but it isn't set it up.

ramonak profile image
Katsiaryna (Kate) Lupachova


Could you please provide more details about what you mean by "hide 'activeSheetClassName'"? If you don't want to apply any styles to an active sheet button, then just set an empty string to activeSheetClassName, exactly like you described.

Or you mean to completely hide an active sheet button, so it won't be visible?