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Cover image for GitLab 14.0 is now available! 🌻

GitLab 14.0 is now available! 🌻

Benjamin Rancourt
A passionate Technology Analyst from Sherbrooke (Quebec) 🍁, who love almost everything about web development 🌐.
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As I was on vacation for the past two weeks, I didn't take the time to review the released features of the latest GitLab version, the 14.0. Fortunately, it is never too late to read about them. 😉

Below are some of the features that might interest you. For the full release notes, you can read their blog post: GitLab 14.0 released with a celebration of GitLab 14.


Container Scanning Integration with Trivy

I usually ignore the features that are not available to me in the free plan, but this one caught my eye. This change was marked on the Ultimate plan, but I personally add the Trivy tool for container scanning at work, with a free self-hosted plan and it works. Maybe it's more integrated in GitLab? I'm going to have to investigate further to understand the differences between our use and theirs. 🔍

Static Analysis Analyzer Updates

GitLab currently has a team that actively maintains a set of security analyzers, but I haven't taken the time to try them out yet. It's definitely going on my personal TODO list, especially with the new tool Semgrep, which is expected to replace ESLint in their toolset.


In this release, the team has improved the visual of the application, so you might get a bit lost at first, but I'm sure you will find your way around soon! 😌

Streamlined top navigation menu

Screenshot of the top bar
A cleaner top bar, with most of the options hidden in a context menu.

It decluttered the top navigation bar a lot, at least, I think, because I can't remember the previous one! 😅

Sidebar navigation redesign

Screenshot of the sidebar
A more compact collapsible sidebar in a project with most features disabled.

I have been waiting for this overhaul for a while! As GitLab continues to add functionalities in the sidebar navigation, I always had a scroll bar in that section for projects that didn't turn off the unused features! 🖱️


Set pronouns on GitLab user profiles

Screenshot of a GitLab profile
My GitLab profile, with my pronouns next to my name (he/him).

We can now define the correct pronouns that we want other to use when referring to us, which will help raise awareness around self-identity. I don't know if anyone at work will use it, but at least now they have the option! 🌈

Default branch name for new repositories now main

Screenshot of the default branch name configuration
The default branch name will now be main for new Git projects.

Another important step has been taken to replace the master word by main in Git projects for the default branch name! Ab easy step towards a more inclusive language in IT. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

WIP merge requests renamed ‘draft merge requests’

Screenshot of a Draft Merge Request
A non-ready Merge Request preceded with the Draft: keyword.

I'm pretty sure that Draft feature was already in previous versions of GitLab, so this note is probably to tell us that we can no longer use the WIP accronym (Work in progress) in the Merge Request title to let other know that it's not yet ready to be reviewed. 🍌

CI/CD variables

Two quick notes on some CI/CD variables that has changed or were introduced in this release. 📝 If you want to see more predefined variables, you check out my GitLab CI predefined variables post. 😉

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