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DigitalOcean App Platform talks at the deploy conference

rasharm_ profile image Raman Sharma Updated on ・2 min read

I recently attended the deploy virtual conference by DigitalOcean. Btw, this is where I work and my team was actually responsible for organizing this event. However, none of that takes away from the fact that I did actually attend the event (virtually.. like everyone else). Among other things talked about at this event, there was also App Platform, our latest Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

I want to highlight here my favorite App Platform sessions from the event.

1) Overview of App Platform

Jake Levirne provides a high level walkthrough of the various things you can do with App Platform

Link: Build Apps Faster With DigitalOcean App Platform

2) Build your first app with App Platform

Kamal Nasser walks us through building our first web app on App Platform

Link: Build, Deploy, and Scale Your First Web App Using DigitalOcean App Platform

3) If JAMStack is your jam

Chris lives his love for all things JAMStack in this session

Link: Fullstack Jamstack on DigitalOcean With App Platform

4) If you follow the line of command-line

Mason Egger shows us how to deploy apps to App Platform, purely using the command-line

Link: Command-line Your Way to PaaS Productivity With DigitalOcean App Platform

5) If Docker is where your deployment preferences are docked

Phil Dougherty shows us how to use the flexibility offered by Docker to build apps using languages/frameworks not natively supported by App Platform

Link: Escape the Walls of PaaS: Unlock the Power & Flexibility of DigitalOcean App Platform With Docker

6) How was App Platform built

Steven Normore lifts the hood of App Platform to show all the exciting cloud-native open source technologies it is built on

Link: Combining Cloud Native & PaaS: Building a Fully Managed Application Platform on Kubernetes

Along with these sessions, we also announced new updates to App Platform - including a "Deploy to DigitalOcean" button.

UPDATE We recently announced some new functionality which I describe here in this article:

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Can I do full stack app with app platform?

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Thank you for your reply, I have one more question. Can I use docker-compose in app platform?

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Thank you so much