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5 VS Code Extensions for Web Designers

1.. JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

This extension contains code snippets for JavaScript in ES6 syntax for Vs Code editor. It supports both JavaScript and TypeScript.

2.. Auto Close Tag

After opening a tag in HTML and XML it’s a hectic job to close it. So here is a nice solution.This extension closes the HTML and XML tag automatically.

3.. Prettier β€” Code formatter

This extension will help us to format the JavaScript, HTML, CSS code. We can configure it as per our need.

4.. Auto Rename Tag

This extension renames html tags automatically. So we can keep our code consistent and easy to maintain, even when working on bigger projects with lots of elements deep in the HTML structure.

5.. Live Server

At the last the one extension every web designer/developer must use.This extension helps us in launching a local development server with live reload feature for both static & dynamic pages.So the next time you guys don't have to refresh the page again to see the output.

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