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Live Video for Selenium Tests

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Automated Testing.

I'm constantly trying to find ways to apply the latest technologies to our testing scripts.

I need to make sure that everything works great not just in Chrome, but in a whole bunch of browsers.

We run our tests in a cross-browser cloud infrastructure, this means that debugging isn't as straightforward as it would be on my local machine.

Sometimes, the detailed logs were simply not enough, I needed to see what went wrong and I had to wait for the video recording that I would receive at the end of the test.

Like other companies out there, We're using Endtest.

A few days ago, they added the functionality for Live Video for the test runs. They managed to come up with something I didn't even knew I want.

Endtest Live Video

I'm still baffled by how they did it.

How do they manage to live stream only the contents of the browser?
Other old school solutions such as BrowserStack and Sauce Labs only manage to offer a video recording of the entire desktop screen.

What kind of compression are they using?
The live stream from Endtest is crystal clear and it loads pretty fast.

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