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Thinking of writing about HCI & interaction design

Hi Everybody,

I am creating a new series on my blog about all my learnings from 1.5+ years of studying HCI & Interaction design in my master course. The series will have more than 30 posts containing theory and practice about different methodologies used by designers in research projects to create digital artefacts and interfaces.

Some examples of what the stories will be about:

  • Discussing Don Norman's principles of design
  • How to brainstorm and different methods to do so
  • How to interview users
  • Ethnographic observation
  • Usability testing (when to use it and when to stay clear of it) and other evaluation methods
  • Lo-fi & Hi-Fi prototyping
  • Video prototyping
  • ...and many more

All of these will come with examples as I try to bring practice in all the articles.

I'm doing this mainly to record all the information I accumulated in this time because if I don't do it I'll most likely forget a lot of it. These design methods are to be used in different situations so it's good to have something to come back to when starting a new project in the future.

I'm mainly a lurker on and I was wondering if this is something that the community will like since it's not about coding directly. If yes, then I will repost my articles here as it will probably much easier for users to read the material than going to yet another blog.

Cheers ✌


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