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Richard Burk
Richard Burk

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What font/s are you using?

For me, I am currently using Monaco.

So what are you using my fellow artisans? Share some screenshots 😄

This is also my first post to this amazing community! 🥳

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Xiaoru Li • Edited

I used to "pirate" the Menlo font from macOS to install on my Linux machine, but today I use Fira Code for all the monospace stuff and Fira Sans for all the non-monospace stuff. Looks great on slides too. Love it.

Fira Code + Fira Sans

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Richard Burk

Thanks for sharing! I will try this also 😄

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Alex Musayev

Hack is nice and free: Earlier it was PT Mono:

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Christopher Voigt

Fira Code for all the ligatures 😉