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Explain Redis Like I'm Five

Explain Redis like I'm five

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When you go out to play your mom gives you a small bag of grapes as a snack. You can then go and have fun and when you are hungry you have grapes in your pocket. You don't have to run all the way back home for a snack and miss any play time. She doesn't pack you all the food in the kitchen. That would be too heavy.

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Love it!

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Ryland G

Redis is key-value store. I'll use this post as an analogy.

If your post is the "key", my comment (and other peoples comments) would be it's value. Each of our comments only exist because you made the post in the first place. If you delete the post, you also delete our comments.

There's a lot more to it obviously, but that's the basics.

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Too hot, God damn! 👌