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DOZENS of KILLER freebies for student software developers (worth $1000s)

It's more than just student discount software...It's student freebies and the offerings are bountiful. Heroku, Namecheap, JetBrains, GitKraken, SendGrid, Stripe, Sentry, Travis CI, Unreal and many others are participating in one of the sweetest student bundles in recent history with the GitHub Student Developer pack.

GitHub student pack:

Microsoft freebies & discounts:

Transcript (HUGE thank you to member Sherri for transcribing the video!):

You don't necessarily need to be a college graduate to get a job as a developer, but as a student there are some pretty sweet perks, and today I'm gonna show you some of those perks. Video starts right now.

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Hey everybody, it's RealToughCandy from back in business with you guys today...I'm showing you guys the gravy train đźš… Now the only reason I know about all this stuff is because recently I signed up for a few college courses, for the Oracle database. I'm expanding my business offerings and I need to just brush up on some Oracle concepts.

As a student, of course, in college, you get a .edu email address. So, with that address, it's like a golden key that opens SO many doors.

Number One: Microsoft gives students some sweet deals. They give you Office 365 for free with all the goodies, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams. Some deals here, but also too,the big one, you get a hundred dollar credit for their cloud, Azure. Signing up for these things is pretty painless. You really just enter your school email address and they give you the link to sign up for all this stuff.

And now we have the whopper of the benefits through GitHub Education. If you have that .edu address, get ready for some amazing benefits. GitHub has basically collaborated with numerous tech companies that are offering major student discounts, as in freebies, to students who are interested in software development. Starting with Algolia and then ending down here with the Unreal Engine. Now I will point out that some of these are open source and don't cost anything for people who aren't in school, but it is nice that they have this bundled here so that you can have a complete development environment with most of the bells and whistles if not all of them.

Starting with the first one, Algolia, hosted search API that provides support from front end to back end frameworks and libraries. The free plan they're giving you is actually $150 a month for normal people, and you get that for a year. And that's a huge benefit too, because even if you graduate next month, and you still keep your .edu address, you get this benefit for a year so eleven months, you know, after you graduate.

AWS also started collaborating with GitHub. They give students some pretty sweet bonus credits for their cloud. Bitnami gives you a business plan...this is managed cloud hosting. The business plan is normally $49 a month, free for a year. Again that one year thing is pretty awesome. Here's one I haven't heard of, Cart or Carto, open and powerful platform for spatial data analysis, visualization, and application account upgrades. DataDog, cloud-based infrastructure monitoring...Pro Account up to 10 for TWO years? DigitalOcean, $50 in platform credit...this one, I don't know how DigitalOcean's credit system works. I don't know if you can, like, use credits back-to-back. I know they do have coupons floating around out there for, like, new users and just if you luck out and find coupons wherever on the internet, I don't know if you can add this one to it or if it replaces it or what. FlatIron School is doing a free month membership to their Community Bootcamp. GitHub, um, this benefit is kinda outdated because GitHub just opened this to everybody, unlimited free public and private repos. This is another freebie open to everyone, but good to have in this pack. Here's some pretty good ones, GitKraken and GitKraken Glo, cross-platform Git client that integrates with GitHub, that's a free Pro account...this is a Pro account for task tracking. Heroku's got a pretty good deal, a free Hobby Dyno for up to two years, $84 a year, that's a good one.

THIS one is probably the crown jewel. I've used PHPStorm before in both a personal project setting and an enterprise setting, great products. JetBrains is not capable of creating bad products. This is worth thousands of dollars as it is right here. Namecheap is giving out a free SSL and one year domain registration for the .me Top Level Domain. SendGrid student plan is doing 15,000 free emails a month, which is normally 200 emails a month. There's Sentry, Stripe if you're doing e-commerce, your transaction fees are waived on the first hund, first thousand dollars, rather. Taplytics giving you unlimited access to the platform for six months. Thinkful, one month of access to a development course of your choice. Transifex...never heard of this one. $99 a month value with one year of access to the Starter plan with 50,000 hosted words, unlimited projects...I'm gonna check this one out later. And then on the bottom here, Travis CI...this is a pretty good one. Private builds that are normally $69 a month are free as long as you're a student. And then finally, the Unreal Engine, which is a suite of game development to have some game development representation in this pack.

If you're trying to get ahold of some of these tools, it's almost worth it to sign up for one class at your local community college just to get these benefits. Spend a few hundred bucks on, like, a bicycling class or something, get that .edu address and then get all of this stuff. I mean, this is...once you add it up, this is multiple thousands of dollars worth of software, services, and different things that you can start using for your benefit right away. It's really nice that GitHub integrated all of these things so that you're not, like, pecking around for all these deals. It's all here on this page. GitHub is owned by Microsoft...why have they not integrated Microsoft stuff in here? I don't know. I'm not here to ask, I'm just here to share it. So I'll include this link as well. If you found this video useful, please hit the thumbs up button, subscribe, comment, it really goes a long way in helping the channel. As always, thanks for watching, hope you're having a great day, and I'll see you in the next video.

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jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel ( • Edited

Stupid question, but what about the students outside the USA? I don't think they have a .edu address. Does it work too?

fbkz profile image
Fábio Lopes

Have a verifiable school-issued email address or upload documents that prove your current student status

Does not need to be .edu and even if you don't have a verifiable school-issued email address you can just upload your certificate that you are enrolled.

hordon profile image
Horváth Donát

I just registered with a Hungarian uni-email account without .edu ending and they approved within a minute so I guess they have a database for non-US universities too. @realtoughcandy , thank you very much for the info!

realtoughcandy profile image

Great!! Glad it worked!

realtoughcandy profile image

Good question, I should have specified that. It's open to any student in the world as long as you can somehow verify your student status.

karolisl profile image

At least JetBrains use this:

wseai profile image

it's the same everywhere

baskarmib profile image
Baskarrao Dandlamudi

Adding to all these.. is free for students now.

t0maslb profile image

Does this deal apply to high school students outside the US?