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Will Udemy produce too many React devs?

Normally I write in a semi-academic style with fancy headings, coherent paragraphs and lots of references. But today I’m doing something a little stream-of-conscious-y…

Part of my YouTube job is reviewing the latest and greatest from some of the more prominent Udemy instructors. One things I've noticed lately is that if they’re doing a course on a frontend framework/library, odds are it’s React.

Colt Steele has a recent course on React.

Andrei Neagoie just dropped one.

Also on this list of React course creators are Stephen Grider, Andrew Mead, Maximilian Schwarzmueller, and Brad Traversy (along with 100s of other instructors on Udemy.)

Like...What about Angular? It’s not like the jobs have dried up. Vue has never had much enterprise adoption but there are still jobs out there. But the only famous people Udemy-wise I’ve seen do a Vue course is Max & Grider. Max also has courses and Angular and Svelte.

Thoughts on why this is?

Will all these React courses produced by the superstars of Udemy produce an overabundance of React devs?

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