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Your odds of finding a REMOTE JOB as a junior developer

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Whether we have loved ones at home who need our care, we're facing a brutal commute, or we just want to get some quality work done without the distraction of office dogs and ringing phones, working remotely has some serious benefits.

But as a junior software developer, why are employers so hesitant to offer this option?

And what can be done if you absolutely must work home?

We're talking about remote work as a junior developer today.

If you absolutely must work from home, consider freelancing! (I have a best-selling book and top-rated video course that shows you exactly how to get started.

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Arit Developer

Hey there! @tiffany was hired as a Junior Dev for a 100% remote job - you could hit her up for her experience finding her current gig.

Also on Twitter: Bekah was hired 100% remote as a Junior right out of bootcamp.

These 2 ladies are #BadAss (in my not-so-humble opinion lol)

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Dāvis Naglis • Edited

Most of that boils down to: "We need you here onsite so that you can get to know our infrastructure and ask questions to your superiors if there are any 'blanks' we need to fill for you to understand something".

Remote work is the future. How you can guarantee that?

  1. Don't hire people you don't trust.
  2. Profit (literally), - no need to rent another building for your next batch of employees (which is a big aspect by itself) etc.
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This video came right in time. Try to get a remote job as a junior android dev

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This was a great video! I've been considering remote work, but ultimately decided to apply to onsite exactly to develop the project/collaboration experience you mentioned