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Ryan Latta
Ryan Latta

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I'll answer your career questions and review your resume

I'm learning to make some videos and online classes to support my book Land the Job. I'd like some practice making videos and whatnot, so I thought I'd practice by reviewing resumes and answering career questions.

So here's the deal. If you send me either:

  • Your resume without any personal information
  • A burning question about getting a job, negotiation, trying to get a promotion, or anything else really

I'll make a short 5-10 minute video reviewing your resume and giving specific action steps, or answering your question as best I can in that same time frame.

What I'd ask in return that I can post the video to youtube or twitter or whatever.

What do you think?

If you want to get this started, you can email me at

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Veronica Yung

sent an email, this is an awesome idea

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Ryan Latta

Got it! I'll try to get a draft to you this week, and if I don't answer any specific question you have, just let me know!