Introducing www.techladder.io (Contributors Wanted!)

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A few days ago I announced the TypeScript Progression Ladder. The reception was very positive and a lot of people commented that they would like to see something similar for other programming languages and technologies.

The project has now been extended and it supports an unlimited number of technologies:


TypeScript Porgression Ladded

Node.js Porgression Ladded (WIP)

C# Porgression Ladded (WIP)

You can check it out at http://www.techladder.io/

As you can see here each technology is described using a simple JSON file so it should be easy to add new lists.

I'm very looking forward to your contributions!

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Remo H. Jansen


TypeScript Microsoft MVP, writer, speaker technology-lover and OSS enthusiast. Author of Learning TypeScript by PacktPub, InversifyJS and ZafiroJS. Organizer of Dublin TypeScript and Dublin OSS.


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Great initiative!

I'd recommend that you tag the post with #hacktoberfest as well, and set up a number of issues on the repo also tagged with "hacktoberfest", as well as "help wanted". If the issue is easy and can be described i great detail what needs to be done, it should also be marked with "first-timers-only" or similar.

This gives you visibility in the community, gets you a lot of help, and possibly some permanent contributors :)


Thanks a lot for the comments! I will do so :)


I hope this or other similar project will be the starting point to define the experience levels in our industry, with proper position names, tests and certifications :/



Hi Remo, do you have any plans for the progression, not only of the technologies but of the project itself? Like how many technologies do you plan to have, how are they gonna be ordered, are there gonna be tasks or maybe challenges of the sort?
I feel this (well structured) can become a better way to get really proficient at learning a technology in a short span of time.


What is the stack you use to build this website? I'm interested in contributing to improve my skills and help other people :)


It is hosted using Github pages and it is very basic. The database is a collection of JSON files. It uses HTML, CSS, and TypeScript without a framework but it uses a little bit of Bootstrap and JQuery. Most contributions, however, only require changes to the JSON files.


How can you control the quality if you depend on others?


The project is controlled by the community so if a link is not good enough someone can send a PR and replace it with a better one. Also, the ladders should get more rich and detailed over time thanks to the contributions. So I would say that the quality is controlled by setting a minimum level of quality that all PRs must pass and then the quality will improve via very small incremental steps.

Anyway, if the project becomes very active and we manage to have many contributors we could end up creating our own resources but at the moment the fastest way to provide something valuable was to use external resources.

In the future, we might also consider adding a quiz system to check each of the skills but again we would need a significant number of contributors to be able to make that happen.