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Choosing a tool stack when you are a remote worker

You might be wondering right away what I mean by a tool stack. It essentially denotes a set of tools that neatly integrate into one another.

Why do you need a tool stack?

Let me start with an example. Consider you are a heavy Gmail user - you use it for both personal and business purposes. Now, staying in the Google ecosystem like Google Docs, Sheets, Hangouts etc. has plenty of advantages. On the contrary, choosing Skype for video communication or Dropbox Paper for writing will surely have you sync data and manage notifications across products. - Syncing data across products and Automation

Now, you may think the Gmail example is a little too obvious. But consider the's team for example. Using completely diverse tools like Slack, Google Meet and Hubspot CRM leaves them with the problem of syncing data across these products. However, has made a smart choice by investing time and effort in automation tools like Segment, Zapier and Autopilot which helps the data flow across the team without any friction. The team is big on Automation - you can read more about it here.

Plutio - One product to rule them all

On another extreme is team Plutio. If you haven't heard of Plutio already, it provides everything you need as a freelancer or a small business owner from projects and tasks to proposals and invoicing. Quite obviously, the team uses Plutio for everything. Yes, literally everything!

You can find these and many other interesting tool stacks on Check out what tools remote teams are actually using in their day-to-day work.

In summary, you can't pick tools or products individually in this day and age. You have to first consider how the ecosystem will look like and then start fitting tools in. This is more so critical when you are a remote worker or when your entire team is remote. It is also wise to invest some time on getting the right automation tools configured for your ecosystem.

P.S: is now live on Product Hunt. Do show us your support there :)

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