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Remote Tools 2.0 is round the corner!

This post was originally published on Flexiple Blog. Hit subscribe to get early access to Remote Tools 2.0!

Remote working is no doubt rewarding, be it for companies or their employees. We, at Flexiple, are also big believers in remote working. In fact, our tech team is distributed across geographies and it has worked well for us, as we have been able to find the best guys to work with us.

However, it has its fair share of challenges as well. Each time we faced one, we sat down to search & evaluate tools that could help us. This can be pretty mind-numbing – we couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a central repository of tools that had already been analysed for remote teams to leverage!

So, we took it on ourselves and launched the first version of – a repository of 100+ handpicked tools & resources in 20+ categories for distributed teams. The product was a great hit, and further also gave us a great insight into additional features that could be extremely helpful to the remote community.

Enter 2.0

While chatting with numerous users of, we realised their need:

  1. To be able to find & market remote-first tools

  2. To connect with other remote working evangelists

This is what we bring to you in the version 2.0 – a platform to find the best remote products, market your remote-first product, all while engaging with a vibrant remote community.

Remote Tools Screenshot 1

So, what is it?

We offer two key & exciting propositions:

1. Find new products to solve your challenges

Be it products that solve your specific use case or ones that are popular amongst the remote community, you can find them all!

Find products by browsing through the latest added or the most popular in the community:

Remote Tools Screenshot 2

OR choose from 20+ categories!

Remote Tools Screenshot 3

Also, interact with other members to find out why they chose a particular product over others!

Remote Tools Screenshot 4

2. Market your remote-first product for free

Place your product in front of 5000+ members of and acquire new customers for free! Also, receive feedback and engage with potential users of your product.

Remote Tools Screenshot 5

Further, share your awesome story with the remote community.

Remote Tools Screenshot 6

Cannot wait to get started? Get early access…

We are going to launch the product in early March. Do subscribe to our mailing list and we will drop you a personal note on its launch!

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