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ReactJS Real Time Crypto Dashboard Tutorial

Want a quick foundation to build a cool custom portfolio project?

In this video I quickly go over how to use the Coinbase API to grab historical data for cryptocurrencies and also use their real-time websocket API to get data. I'll then show how to format that data so it can be displayed with a ChartJS component and update a price tracker in real-time.

ReactJS Crypto Api project github repo

Once you've got the basic project built I show you some examples of how you can extend the project so you have something unique

  • Create a card style layout and add routing for each currency
  • Add multiple time segments for users to look at price history
  • Add authentication with a Coinbase account to place orders
  • Add pagination support so users can get more historical data
  • Customize the ChartJS styling
  • Make Chart real-time by updating latest data point with current price data

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Pawan Pawar

good post!

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Renaissance Engineer

thanks 😃

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Andri Firmansyah

good post, thank you bro