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Weekly Dev Roundup - 7 best things you might have missed

Here's my attempt at gathering the best developer content from the past week, a little bit of everything that you may have missed. These roundups will include articles, videos, Twitter threads, and pretty much any other form of content that people might find useful.

If I missed something you think is great, leave a comment below so others can see it!

1. 25 web design trends for 2021

1st is a cool article listing some design trends with big companies that are starting to spread. I tend to struggle with design and ideas for styling my projects, so I found it pretty useful.

2. Guide to becoming an ethical hacker

If you are interested learning about cybersecurity or hacking this is a good video to start with, it covers some of the skills you will need to learn. Cyber Mentor also has a huge tutorial going in depth that he did for Free Code Camp.

3. Pixel Rain image effect tutorial

pixel rain effect

A really cool tutorial with source code you can play with in Codepen. Takes a normal image and creates an animated pixel effect.

4. System Design Crash Course

One of the biggest factors in going from a junior to senior engineer isn't just coding ability. Companies are looking for people who understand the whole system that makes up an application. This video I made for Geek's lesson is a solid crash course to get you started with the basics and includes an interview style example

5. Cartoonify images with Python

python cartoon image

This tutorial uses Python and OpenCV to turn a normal image into a cartoon version. It includes a Google Colab notebook so you can test out the code without needing anything setup on your computer. I think you could extend this project if you wanted by creating a serverless function and a frontend and creating an app to let users upload images. Would be a good portfolio project

6. Analysis of Steam's login flow
This article is not only an interesting analysis of how Steam logs in users, but also will make you appreciate that making applications has become much easier than it was even 10 years ago.

7. Interview prep guide for Facebook

This guide is for Facebook in particular but applies to really any major tech company. If you have a long term goal of joining one of those companies it might be worth checking out this guide to get an idea of what you'll need to know.

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