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Victor Adeleke Afolayan
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Writing, GraphQL and AWS

As long as we still have our breath as humans, one thing is constant, which is being up to something. Although sometimes we are up to something meaningful, other times, it feels as if time just somehow passes us by without us really achieving anything. Before going into what I did last week, I would love to take a moment to explain why I take time to write about my professional development.

England Euros 2021

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Being a web developer privileged to have a job means I have deliverables that entail having to pull out technical skills already in my arsenal or picking up new ones and venturing into new fields (if need be) with the goal of finishing my task in good time.

Even though not everyone takes time to document their progress, I consider it a blessing to be at a place where this is a weekly assignment; one I have come to love and would love to keep at if time permits. Writing has an undeniable number of benefits including helping me to keep tabs on my progress and aiding my communication skills.

Although the personal benefits are well-established, I believe readers of my posts have a lot to gain also, with the mother being picking knowledge for free.


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I hope you are encouraged to not only come back for more but also pick up the challenge to write as well, so I alongside others learn from your experience in whatever field you choose to dwell.


If you know what being a Fullstack engineer entails, then you have an idea of what I have been up to. A Fullstack engineer is a web developer who does both Frontend (what users relate with) and backend web development(what users don't see but give life and date to the frontend part).

Before going into details, I would like to give a little background on what my team and I are working on.
Gaming is something not limited to any particulate set of people as it transcends the borders of gender, race, age group, or any other category. This simple logic means it is something that has come to stay and like anything worth doing, should be done well; hence, we've been tasked with building a platform that provides users an interface to link up, create tournaments, and challenge.

Last week, I built a microservice: a resource for a section of the landing page of the platform, which renders from a database loaded with data. In technical terms, I built and consumed an API. I used Dynamo DB (a database provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS))) to store my data, creating a table with desired fields for me to use in populating my table. GraphQL was used as playground for me to query and mutate my database. i.e. a way of creating, reading, updating and deleting information from the database, a process technically known as CRUD.

I linked my database(Dynamo DB) with my playground(GraphQL) using the another Amazon web service,
Lambda after having defined my environment variables. All these made up the backend side of my task(building the API and database)

Although I had my database populated through the linked playground, I had one more task, which was to render data from the database on the frontend(consuming the API). This was done by importing GraphQL into the code for my frontend and mapping through the data.

Before this experience, I had worked with API's using Express and making HTTP calls to the API, hence, working with GraphQL and Amazon services was entirely new for me, but hey! what matters is that I learnt, got the job done and we have new skills in the bag; which reiterates the belief I have, being I can do all things.

I also worked on components within the project that use Modals. I refactored and extracted the modals in them into one reusable modal component and called the new component in every place it needed to be rendered. This was a simple React task. This refactoring came with some layout distortions(CSS) which marked an end to my tasks for the week.

It was a brilliant week, and I'm up for newer things to keep me busy the next few days.


The NBA finals got off to a brilliant start for the Phoenix Suns with the boys taking a 2-0 lead to Milwaukee. The first game in Milwaukee(Sunday night) was a loss but I believe the boys have this in the bag already. Suns in 5!

Phoenix Suns

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In football, two competitions ended yesterday, one being the Copa America and the other the European Championships. I am most pleased for Lionel Messi as what looked like a dent (not winning a senior title with Argentina) in his illustrious career has finally been put to bed by clinching the Copa America with his teammates.

Lionel Messi

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I never thought there was ever any doubt of this man's greatness, but if certain quarters thought there were, I believe this sufficiently deadens all.

And football went Rome! The Italians won on penalties last night to be crowned champions of Europe, and I think this is testament to the quality of Roberto Mancini as a manager, bringing them from a hell-hole in 2018 to an unimaginable place last night.

Italy Euro 2021

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He has done so in fantastic fashion with his team on a 34-match unbeaten run. His bravery has been adequately rewarded and hopefully, the team can maintain this consistency when Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci finally retire.

To the English, the boys can hold their heads up high and pat themselves in the back for a job well done.

England Euro 2021

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Although they didn't clinch the top prize, they have set themselves on course for a successful finish in Qatar by 2022. Praise must also go to the manager, Gareth Southgate for establishing an identity and a playing structure that works for his group of players. Even though a certain section of the media and fans have berated his conservative approach, I strongly believe he is trying to make his players taste victory and become a respected footballing nation before looking at establishing an attacking pattern of play, which if anyone asks me, is a solid way of building a base in football, although the Italians have achieved success by playing in an attacking style, albeit with very experienced players in their squad. I believe 2022 can't come sooner for the boys and I think they will serve the footballing world a spectacle in Qatar.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Till next week when I share more thoughts, it's a goodbye from me.

P.S: Should you want to reach me, please feel free to use the contact info on my bio or my website.

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Ross Ragsdale

That was a fun read! Your writing style makes it easy and enjoyable.

Glad to hear your enjoying your work and you seem to have a strong grasp of how all the parts relate. It was also nice to get the pro sports news update! I feel informed now.

rephidimc profile image
Victor Adeleke Afolayan

This comment got me smiling and laughing.
Thanks Boss for the platform to learn and express myself, your kind words, the constant push and daily encourgament.

igbominadeveloper profile image
Favour Afolayan

You should write more. I will say this again and again. Amazing piece here. Looking forward to reading more.

rephidimc profile image
Victor Adeleke Afolayan

Thanks bruv.
Means alot.