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I open-sourced my portfolio + blog template built with Gatsby & Tailwind

rfitz profile image Ryan Fitzgerald ・1 min read

Hey everyone! I recently open-sourced Devfolio, which is a personal portfolio + blog template I built with GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS.

I wanted to create something that was completely production-ready out of the box (you just edit one config file and deploy), but also easy to customize and extend if you wanted to take it further. Also, because it's built with Gatsby, the final result is fairly fast.

I'm currently using a slightly customized version for my own personal site as well, if you wanted to see another example of it.

Hopefully some of you find it useful for your own purposes and if anyone has any suggestions for additions, I'd love to hear them! Also, if you need any help, feel free to reach out on Twitter.


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Nice design and implementation. Excellenet work making it OS.

A suggestion would be to add portfolio section on the home page, to showcase work (screenshot, title and short decription). Also, it would be nice to have an option to create a detailed page for a project, similar to a blog post page.


Thank you! I love the showcase idea. I think it could be awesome to provide the option to either link to the project or to a detailed page like you mentioned.


I would also suggest adding a section for showcasing certifications and accomplishment (like Hacktober Fest) with a possible link to the certification or course page. Taking this one step further, it would be awesome to have dynamic stats shown from various platforms such as Github (commits and stars) and StackOverflow.


Loved the simple design. I am looking to build my portfolio website will definitely use this. Looking for something which is simple and focused. Thanks for sharing. The only addition which can be added is a dark mode toggle. But this is still great


Thank you and not a problem! Dark mode is actually on my list, I've started to work on it already and should have it added soon.


Nice job man! Looks really clean 👏 Aren't you afraid of clones?


Thank you! And I'd love for people to clone it. The main goal for the template was to help others out in setting up their own site (either by using this one or using it as inspiration).


Cool :) I think some authors are afraid these days that people just copy their blog with a nice template and don't change a thing. So you kind of lose the identity of your own blog/website. That's why I am asking.

Thanks for inspiration 🙌


Awesome! I’ve recently done the same with my own Tailwind template


Thank you! Love your template as well, it's clean and the animation on load looks awesome.


Thanks so much. A star would be much appreciated :D