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Ricardo Funk
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As we should think

Douglas Engelbart was an early computer pioneer. He was inspired by an article wrote in 1948 by Vannevar Bush “As We May Think“. Their idea to use computers wasn’t to make life easier, it was to enhance our intellect, to make us better, to improve the tools that we have to make us better as human beings. Regrettably computers had a different effect on the human race, we love sharing our pets photos, we love watching funny videos on the web and that’s about it. I wonder if could ever change the way we use the great tools that were built for us.

We have no more excuses! The world's knowledge is available to you. Some people might blame social networks, games, etc but the issue is not the car, the problem here is the driver! The content is there for anyone go get it, specially now, you can find information on anything for home..on your own time. Basically, if technology it’s making us stupid it’s not technology’s fault, it’s ours.

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labibllaca • Edited

I've liked this article and even bookmarked it ... then today I found it again and it's a awesome reminder to me.

Thank you Ric.