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Aditi Mohanty
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Curated presets & box-shadow editor for devs & designers

Abinav Seelan and I built a site to curate beautiful box-shadow based designs we found from around the web - to spark design inspiration when we start new projects.

It features a list of presets from sources like:

  • material design (materialize-css) 📃
  • tailwindcss 💨
  • windows 98 🤓
  • minecraft! 👾
  • ... and more (even 😉)

It also features an in-browser editor that allows you to tweak these presets or create your own designs!

View the source here:

GitHub logo campvanilla / boxshadows

create and tweak CSS box-shadows ✨


create and tweak CSS box-shadows


Want to raise an issue or pull request? Do give our Contributing page a read. 🤓

First time setup

To set up the codebase, clone the repository.

git clone

Once the repository has been cloned, install the necessary dependencies.

npm install

To start the development environment,

npm start

View the application at http://localhost:7335/

Top comments (8)

matteogauthier profile image
Mattèo Gauthier

Great !

I think Skeuomorphism is more Neumorphism

absphreak profile image
ᴀʙʜɪɴᴀᴠ sʜᴀʀᴍᴀ✩ • Edited

Thank you so much Aditi!
Was looking for something like this for quite a while.

rheaditi profile image
Aditi Mohanty

Glad you liked it! :D

raisaugat profile image
Saugat Rai

Finally. Thank you :)

devanghingu profile image
Devang Hingu

Looking good... but i m working on python almost over a day....😎😎😎
i will defiantly try if i get change to work with front-end 🤓

tobiastotz profile image
Tobias Totz

I always looked my old projects to find cards that would fit for the new purpose... Thank you! Bookmarked it and will use it on my next project :)

rheaditi profile image
Aditi Mohanty

Awesome! Glad you found it useful, Tobias!
Feel free to raise a PR to add any preset(s) which you love and would like to share with others :D

piyushjohnson profile image
Piyush Johnson

Looks good,keep this work updated