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My first blog with MERN Stack

All about my blog: Why? What?

Let's start

This "guide" is for people who want to create a blog from scratch and do not know how to start, it doesn´t contain code or at least for the most part. it´s for guidance only.

In the following lines I´ll give you the details of the content of this publication, feel comfortable reading it or just go only to the part that interests you, I´ll hope you enjoy it.


  • Why
  • What
    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Database
    • Utils
    • Styling


I made a blog because I think it is the best way to practice. I used my knowledge of front-end and back-end.

A blog is a good quick-source in case you have to solve problems. it´s information in your own words. It´s like a notebook, but you can share that information with other people and learn together. Sharing information about programming with other people is what makes it a beautiful environment.

This blog was based on Markdown,because i love it and in think it´s simple elegant and very clear. it has a beautifull sintax.

More info about markdown here.

What technologies you use for this blog ?

Just like most internet pages this blot it´s based on a front-end a back-end and a database. I dicided to use a stack called MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) in this particular case because it uses javascript on the client and server side.


The front-end is the part of a website with which users interact. all you can see when you browse the internet,from fonts and colors to drop-down menus and sliders. As much as simple it seems,you may have a lot of functionality and complex code.

For the front-end of the blog i prefer the following technologies.

It seems a lot of things, but each of the dependencies are use on something in particular.

Link to front-end: how?


The back-end consist of a server an application and a database. . it´s the data access layer of a software or any other device, which is not directly accessible by users,also contains the logic of the application that handles said data.

For the back-end of the blog I choose the following technologies


The database is where we store all the data, in this case we storage users and articles.

I use MongoDB for my blog´s database.

Link to back-end: how?


The utils are the tools I use to develop, I don't need an article to explain them, because they all have their own documentation and are basic development tools.

  • VScode // Visual Studio Code
  • Chrome // Web browser
  • Insomnia // Desktop API client for REST simil to Postman
  • nodemon // npm package, it is used to keep the local server running


  • prettier // Tool for styling the code in the code editor
  • water.css // Is a collection of styles to make simple website, this stylizes the html semantics, It's simple and beautiful.

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kwiat1990 profile image
Mateusz Kwiatkowski

Well someone has posted a bullshit about getting a job as a frontend developer. From my experience if you have a good unterstanding of JavaScript and you know the other stuff needed in this work, then you should have zero problems getting one.

rhodlib profile image

We have many programming languages ​​for web development such as C #, Java, Python, PHP, Svelte, etc. (each with its respective framework for web development),
for example .NET Core for C #, Spring for Java, Django for Python and Laravel for PHP. I don't know much about this.
I only focus on JavaScript because it allows me to develop front-end with frameworks like React, Angular & Vue (They are the most popular) and back-end with NodeJS and its frameworks like (ExpressJS, Hapi .js, Koa, Etc). JavaScript is very popular and you can get a lot of information on the web.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
rhodlib profile image

Gracias por el comentario Shair, se valora mucho. Me alegra que te sea de utilidad, si te gusta react te recomiendo que veas hooks y algo para manejar estados globales como Redux o Context API. saludos!

amitkum12611780 profile image
Amit kumar

Here all content so useful and helpful for beginner and experience both.This site is so amazing, This sites gives good knowledge of Mern-stack ,This is very helpful for me.

emtr0 profile image

This is perfect! Saving for future reference since I'm on the same learning path (MERN). Thanks!

emtr0 profile image

Wow our short bio descriptions are nearly identical! Mine is Developer, Gamer, Tech Enthusiast. 🤣

kanchansaini profile image

I found this blog informative and helpful for anyone looking to implement a MEAN stack course application. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic!