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Short and cheesy post about's community

I'm sure some of you noticed that I comment a lot but there are a few things that, especially juniors / newbies / less experienced people, you might want to hear:

  • I don't know everything I write about and I think it's okay.

  • More than one time I had to research a new topic, had to learn something new, then had to correlate this new information with my own experience and then finally decided to write a comment to help whomever wrote the post. The emphasis is on learned something new. This reminds me of the various articles floating around here about the importance of junior developers in teams.

  • Other times I saved posts I found interesting, read other people's answers even days later and... changed my opinion on this topic or that other one.

So, thank you community because since last year I definitely learned a lot, from people of all walks of life and levels of experience or different interests than mine.

I wish I had a community like this back when I started in... nope not going to tell you how old I am :D

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Oh and yeah, thanks for increasing my level of comfort with being wrong ✌🏾✌🏾

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Ben Halpern


I am amazed at how much I learn every time I go to make a comment and need to do a bit of research on that one little part I never understood.

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Camilo Martinez

Really community is the best part of ... I love It.

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Jess Lee


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If you started when I started then we were literally building the wheel. No AJAX, jQuery or angular, no nodejs, and no cloud. Given there was no social media, Amazon, reddit, stackoverflow, or more local dev communities and user groups emerged. It was more like a small group from work would make a bookstore run, agree on a few books to read, build prototypes, implement at work. We quickly became rockstars, cannot imagine if communities like this were around in the day.

In this industry you have to like learning, be curious and experiment.