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Our Team's Favourite Open Source Projects Right Now

At, we love open source. It's not just about writing code; it's about sharing solutions, solving problems - all as a community. We asked everyone on our team to show their current favourite open source project. Why? Because we're always on the hunt for cool tools and we thought you might be too.

The answers we got are all over the map, and that's what makes this so interesting. Some of us are into hardcore frameworks, while others are vibing with smaller, simpler projects that solve everyday challenges. Either way, we're stoked about these open source projects that are making our lives easier and we think you might find a few new favourites in this list too.

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OpenTofu - Benjamin


โ€œIt is important that the main tool used for IaaC truly is OSS.โ€
Benjamin, Senior Software Engineer

OpenTofu (formerly known as OpenTF) is a fork of Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that allows you to safely and efficiently build, change, and version infrastructure. OpenTofu is still under development, but it aims to be a fully open-source, community-driven alternative to Terraform.

The origin of OpenTofu is the Terraform OSS community's concern over HashiCorp's decision to switch the Terraform license from the Apache 2.0 license to the Business Source License (BSL). The BSL is a more restrictive license that could make it more difficult for organizations to use Terraform in certain circumstances.


bpython - Matias


โ€œIt is much nicer to use than the built-in python interpreter.โ€
Matias, Software Engineer

bpython is a Python interpreter with a fancy curses interface. It adds several features common to IDEs, such as syntax highlighting, expected parameter list, auto-indentation, and autocompletion. It is released under the MIT License.

bpython was created by David Paleino in 2004. The original goal of bpython was to provide a more interactive and user-friendly experience than the standard Python interpreter. bpython has since become a popular choice for Python developers, and is used by a wide range of people, from beginners to experienced professionals.


Llama 2 - Christian

Llama 2

โ€œIn the spirit of open sourcing modern technologies, and removing the veil of mystery from large language models, i think it is worth mentioning Llama 2 - Metaโ€™s newest large language model that they have open sourcedโ€
Christian, Founding Engineer

Llama 2 is an open-source, large language model (LLM) developed by Meta AI Research. It is a collection of pretrained and fine-tuned LLMs ranging in scale from 7 billion to 70 billion parameters. The fine-tuned LLMs, called Llama 2-Chat, are optimized for dialogue use cases.


Vue 3 + Nuxt - Nicky

Vue 3 + Nuxt

โ€œI've worked with multiple JS frameworks, but my go-to is Vue, combined with Nuxt. I love the simplicity of it! It has a gentle learning curve that allows developers to quickly grasp the fundamentals and start building applications. Nuxt.js, on the other hand, provides a solid structure and conventions for building Vue applications, making it easier to organize your codebase. Besides that, the performance is great, and the reactivity system is just world class.โ€
Nicky, Frontend Tech Lead

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It is designed to be incrementally adoptable and can be used to build anything from simple single-page applications to complex enterprise applications.

Nuxt.js is a framework that builds on top of Vue.js to make it easier to create server-rendered applications. It provides a number of features, such as built-in routing, state management, and templating, that make it easy to create SEO-friendly and performant applications.



Open Foundry - Jack

Open Foundry

โ€œOpen-foundry has always been a great resource for unique and interesting fonts that I can experiment with.โ€
Jack, Designer

Open Foundry is a website that curates and distributes open-source fonts. It was founded in 2020 by a group of designers and developers who wanted to make it easier for people to find and use high-quality open-source fonts. Open Foundry has a catalog of over 1,000 fonts, all of which are free to download and use.

The fonts are carefully curated by the Open Foundry team to ensure that they are of high quality and meet the needs of a variety of users. In addition to providing a catalog of fonts, Open Foundry also offers a blog, forum, and knowledge base that provide resources for designers, developers, and anyone else who wants to use open-source fonts.

Website: - Thor

โ€œI like how Steven is working in public and how fast he moves. This has, together with a range of other projects, inspired us to launch earlier than what feels comfortable to maximise the amount of feedback we can get from the community at the current stage.โ€
Thor, Co-founder

Dub is an open-source link management tool for modern marketing teams to create, share, and track short links. It was created by Steven Tey in 2022 and is currently used by over 1,000 companies.

Dub solves the problem of long, clunky URLs by shortening them into more memorable and shareable links. It also provides detailed analytics on link clicks, so marketers can track the performance of their campaigns.

In addition to shortening links, Dub also allows users to create custom domains, add UTM parameters, and set expiration dates for links. It also integrates with other popular marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and Salesforce.


Responsivel App - Swastika

Responively App

โ€œI use it while working on frontend projects. It previews all the target screens side-by-side. Pretty convenient while testing/debugging.โ€
Swastika, Developer Advocate

Created by a team of web developers who were frustrated with the lack of good tools for responsive web development, Responsively App wanted to create a tool that would make it easy for web developers to test their websites on a variety of devices and screen resolutions.

Responsively App allows developers to preview web pages on a variety of devices, emulate different screen resolutions and aspect ratios, zoom in and out of web pages, take screenshots, and share web pages with others.


Medusa - Niklas


โ€œIโ€™ve previously worked with various platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce (Wordpress) and none of them checked all the boxes. Medusa seems like a very promising platform, and I'm excited to see how it develops in the future.โ€
Niklas, Growth Lead

MedusaJS is an open-source commerce platform that provides a set of modular building blocks for building rich, reliable, and performant commerce applications. It is designed to be flexible and future-proof, with MIT-licensed modules that give developers full control over their commerce stack.

MedusaJS was created by a team of developers who were frustrated with the limitations of traditional commerce platforms. They wanted to create a platform that would be easy to use, scalable, and adaptable to the needs of businesses of all sizes.


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