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hello glitch {.com}; This is my Portfolio

I love the name Glitch. Kind of remind me The Glitch Girl from Wreck-it-Ralph. Also everything about Cyberpunk, hacking and things like that. They are part of me now! I mean I just love coding.
Recently I have found the site Glitch. It's a site where you can develop apps. It's an online social coding platform or maybe just a social coding platform. Same thing, I guess... (To be social is being online)

First up: The Portfolio

Nobody knows me, right now. And I want to meet a lot of people who codes. I have a lot of friends who aren't coders. And with the amazing power of the Internet. I can do just that. And since I am not a celebrity, I have no marketing agency that idolizes myself. So I am going to talk about myself and my journey using my super power; coding a Web-page!
And while I am writing this article, I am building my portfolio.

What is going to be in my portfolio?

  • The main thing would be obviously my unfinished projects. (I might mysteriously complete it, watch out!)
  • Also I need to motivate and inspire our fellow coders.
  • And definitely my current skills.
  • My social links, so we can have fun socializing <3
  • The timeline: Just to show-off how ahead I am. Also to track my progress...
  • How I can be a Techie Activist... (Still figuring out)

Why I want to be a close part of the community?

I love code more than anything. I met a few people who wanted to code. But many of them can't seem to stay on course. Most have diverted to other things. I tried to keep myself stay on track by just exploring the coding culture. Sometimes I would talk to them on why they started coding. What inspired them? I always tried to promote others to work hard on their dreams. You never know who might create change. And if I can at-least lift you, I am happy! Being part of this community WE CAN GROW TOGETHER!

What I want to achieve from the community?

  • Mostly feedback
  • Inspirations
  • Cool new resources
  • Awesome people (yeah you!)

How my Glitch Portfolio is different from a normal Portfolio?

In a normal portfolio my main goal is to attract people who want to utilize my knowledge for their business. I would be showcasing a lot of finished and attractive projects. But let's be real not everything I create is always attractive. But I always keep the code attractive. And in a normal portfolio, I don't get appreciated enough on the code. But it's the UI/UX that sticks out.
And on my Glitch Portfolio I could attract other coders. Expressing and collaborating on ideas that could make a life better. I don't know much about what to expect. I am thrilled! :)

You can find my Portfolio by clicking here!

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Santosh Bhandari

First of all, you seem to be participating in #100DayOfCode and kudos for that!

Now regarding your glitch hosted portfolio, I have been using glitch since 2017 so here are few things for you to note..

  • The glitch app goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity.. so if you are plan to make it available faster to users, you should consider not letting it sleep. For that you can use something like uptimerobot
  • Also glitch apps have daily quote of 4000 requests. i.e. if your portfolio is accessed more than 4000 times a day, it will be unavailable for rest of the day. This most likely won't happen but I still though I should inform you incase you were not aware about it.

Apart from that, keep up your 100 days code challenge, and keep doing great stuffs ❤️

riojos profile image
Rio Jos

Thanks for the info man.. I didn't know that.
Just started yesterday <3

shubhamverma profile image
Shubham Verma • Edited

Your app doesn't wake up :(
You can switch to Heroku, it sleeps after 1 hour and wakes up pretty fast.
If you don't have a backend then deploy it on Netlify. :)

riojos profile image
Rio Jos

Well I already have a portfolio.
This one I made for the people on Glitch to know more about me.

I might use uptimerobot to keep it alive. I mean it's just for Glitch.
But anyways thanks for your feedback. I still haven't tried heroku. I was waiting untill I am good at building backend projects..