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Code's good enough to ship. Time to...

push --it good

Between "Living on a Prayer" or "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi depending on whether it's working.


Dang it! That's what I was gonna say! 😂😂😂


Most of my code's shell scripts that in the first place were dirty hacks that either:

  • got cleaned up: Ellen McLain/Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive (Portal Soundtrack)
  • or not: Ellen McLain/Jonathan Coulton - Want You Gone (Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs to Test By (Disc 3))

The Weasel Kickers - I Didn't Write This


When I start with full concentration: Carly Comando - Every Day

When I have to change everything because a client: Hoobastank - The reason

When I cannot find the bug: Hoobastank - Crawling in the dark

When the dead line is "Yesterday": Slayer - Raining Blood

xD this was fun. I appreciate how many people have different taste on music and I love to hear new songs. Didn't know about those bands until now.

Keep posting =)


"Warning" - Green Day (because I only care about the errors)


When you pick up that code you haven't seen in a while...


"All The Things" - Dual Core

...especially on a Friday afternoon.


Always nice when someone else posts this :)


Oh, by the way, mine's probably Drake - FML


Doing a lot of the same types of websites lately.


Just in case my test coverage was insufficient....

Cody ChesnuTT - I Stay Ready

(...for Reopens 😝)


$myCode = [7, 7, 'a', 'lulu','7', '7', '1', '2'];


When you see your code on Monday Morning...

Off Topic: It's cool to see devs with different tastes in music :)


Started coding without a full spec


Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Oh Yeah - Yello


"First of all you saved me then you changed me for better or for worse" - Through it all, by From Ashes To New


When I skipped quite few refactoring phases...


When It works.... youtube.com/watch?v=jlUDyUC6eLM&fe...

When it doesn't... - I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! youtu.be/N3JFwd1bk4Q


When compiling gives me errors

"Do i wanna know" arctic monkeys


Probably not as bad as implied, but certainly feels like it every now and then.


You Wouldn't Like Me - Sleeping At Last


When I said yes to a project but should've said no