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My Blog site 🧾

rishabk7 profile image RishabKumar ・1 min read

Hello Dev Community!

Hope everyone is safe.
I would like to share my blog which I recently created. I didn't change much from the Gatsby minimal template by LekoArts.

Why am I sharing this🤔:

The purpose of this post is to get some feedback, as I am still a beginner in front-end development.
Let me know what you guys think and what can be improved📈!
Also, I would love to know that if you guys think there should be only one site for blog and portfolio or they are fine as separate? I am not sure if there is an industry standard for this? 🤔
Also, should I use this template or create my own, once I know Gatsby enough I guess.


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Oops, i just saw this 😂 keep up.

I think there is no problem having a portfolio and a blog as separate. But having them combined is a great way to have traffic on both. You can add a link to your portfolio on the nav bar.


Yeah, I think I will have one site with both!
Thanks Chaoo!


Netlify, I have been using it for quite a while now.


i ask bcoz today i just started create website for me...thanks 😉

Nice, feel free to reach out if you have any concerns.


I think one site for both portfolio and blog is an awesome idea!


Yeah, will start working on it!


I very like clean design with not too much elements and so on.

Maybe adding your selfe to this list could be useful to get some range: github.com/wesbos/awesome-uses


Thanks for sharing that Philipp!


Good job. Nice and easy to read with dark mode well deigned.