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adding Docusaurus site!!

Docusaurus can assist you in quickly delivering an attractive documentation site. Docusaurus is a static site generator that creates static pages. It creates a single-page application with quick client-side navigation, taking advantage of React's full capabilities to make your site interactive. Setting up a Dosusaurus site is a super easy task. You only need to change one file by putting your url and other details regarding your repo in the docusaurus.config.js file!

I decided to expand my SSG's capability to convert .md files with more accuracy. Elaborating, until now, my tool was converting only to h, p, and bold tags but now it also converts to link, i and code. I choose this as I think the converting to h and b tags was very basic and wanted to convert as many things possible. So, I started by creating an issue, followed by I created a new branch for the same and started to on it. I then prepared notes and sample code in my notebook as I think the regex can be a bit tricky in solving such problems.
Well I think most of the regex did work well but I regex failed for a few, I then had to rethink and re-implement those parts or leave them for future. So now the SSG tool can convert to h, b, i, a, del and code tags. The things left for the future are converting an image, table and listing tags. I then did testing on it and finally created a PR and merged it.

I think in the future, for this tool, I will add complete support for markdown files, write tests(probably with jest, might change if I better) and also expand it from SSG to website.

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