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Awesome free cloud services for your next project

Hi everyone,

In this post, I will mention a few of the free cloud services that I used for my projects.

Cloud hosting provides

these are cloud service providers that, provide various cloud services, with a great free tier.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the biggest cloud service providers in the industry. it is equipped with various services. you can easily host virual machines, host databases, manage static assets , run serverless functions and many more. AWS free tire will give a limited number of services for one year.

AWS free tier

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is cloud service provider that you can create your own virtual servers, databases, network infrastructure, etc. with their free tire, you will get free credits so you can use it for a limited time.

digital ocean


Heroku is a Platform as a service provider (PaaS). deployments with Heroku is really easy and incredibly fast. you can also use their other services like databases etc. Heroku gives 450 hours of computing for free per month, and upon adding a payment method(a credit card) you will receive extra 550 hours of computing which is enough for running one app free forever.

heroku free tier


Zeit is a cloud service provider for deploying your project. it has static site hosting as well as serverless functions. it is really easy to host your project in this platform and it also supports git integration for easier continuous deployments.

Zeit free tier

Surge is a cloud service provider for deploying the frontends of your project. it has static site hosting with various great building tools.

surge free tier

Cloud static asset management

most of the project will have some kind of user static data like avatars, user documents, etc. the best way to manage those assets is by using a static assets management platform.


Cloudinary is a cloud asset management platform that is focused on media assets. Cloudinary has transformation tools for media assets which is a very powerful feature for media assets .although it is focused on media you can use it for documents as well, but cannot their transformation tools with it.

cloudinary free tier

AWS S3(simple storage service)

AWS S3 is another service provided by AWS for assets management. this service is eligible for the free tier with a limited amount of free storage.

AWS free tier

Cloud databases

cloud databases are used for handling application data in a production environment.

MongoDB atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a Mongo cloud database provider . with its free tier will give you a cluster with a limited amount of storage.

mongodb atlas free tier


ElephantSQL is a cloud database provider for PostgreSQL databases. with its free tier, we can get a limited amount of storage database.

ElephantSQL free tier

what will you to with these services 👀

did I missed your favorite cloud service 🙄

Share with us in the comments below ⬇⬇⬇⬇

Thanks 🙌


This is my genuine personal opinion and I have no sponsorship from these service providers, and this list is not ordered with any criteria.

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