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Follow Challenge

I recently realized that I'm followed by 688 devs and I'm following only 103!

I try to follow every developer who impresses me with their ideas.

So I decided to try to increase my following numbers by reading much more articles, where I am sure I am gonna find much more brilliant developers with brilliant ideas.

Would you do the same?

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I completely agree with both Robencom and Ben! I think it's less important about how many people you follow. As my father likes to say often, "Quality over quantity." It's your actions on the platform that really mean the most! Commenting, interacting with other members, sharing stories/posts, and helping people.

Even if you're doing that for 10 people instead of 100, or 200, or 300... what matters is the effort and time you've put into those things than how many people.

That being said, I commend you for thinking about how you can better connect with others on here! It's what makes this platform so great. :)


Hot take: it doesn't matter how many people follow you, and if you follow too many people then as far as your feed is concerned you might as well follow none.


From the way I see it, is one of the best developers community. A community is formed by interconnecting people, which is done on this website by following/being followed.


I get that, but following more people doesn't really connect with them - commenting on things they say and interacting in chat does. I follow (checks) about a hundred people, and my feed often moves faster than I get the time to read it, so anything any of them post isn't going to get much visibility for me.

That is true. My feed is also overwhelming at times...

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