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Robert James Gabriel
Robert James Gabriel

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I made an app that gives you access too 20,000 plus hidden Netflix categories

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Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Github knows I work on my own startup Idea and a few pet projects. One of these includes this. A chrome extension that searchs and finds Netflix's Hidden Categories and grows with them. It was built with Vue, Bem and Mocha.

Netflix has thousands of hidden categories. This extension I made helps you unlock many of those secret categories.


  • Search verified hidden categories
  • Small size ~ 0.02 MB
  • Favourite categories
  • Syncing across browsers


  • No permissions required to install
  • No data is sent

You can see a video demo here

You can download it here free for a week on Google Chrome. (1.99 after that)

Any feedback or questions I would love to answer. Like how do I get the new catorgories? The money on this covers the costs :)

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mathiu profile image

Great extension, thanks!

Here is a link to Firefox: (I hope its yours).