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Rocktim Saikia

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Need an active Maintainer 👷🏼 for a beginner-friendly open source project.

GitHub logo RocktimSaikia / Contribute-101

✨ A simple project to get you started with your first open source contribution.

✨ Contribute-101 is a simple beginner-friendly open source project that I have been maintaining for quite a long time now. But due to my latest internship and personal projects, I don't have much time nowadays to actively maintain the project anymore.

So I wanted to write a post in a hope to find someone having a good knowledge of both open source and git in particular to further maintain this project. It is not that I am completely going to step away from the project but I just can't give the time anymore like I used to a few months ago.

So if anyone experienced in open source wants to help and be an active maintainer then please leave a comment with your Github profile below :) 🦄 👋.

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Pavan Chilukuri

Feel free to contribute to my repo css-snippets if you are interested.

GitHub logo chilupa / css-snippets

A one stop place for all the css snippets that you are looking for.

CSS Snippets 🔥

A one stop place for all the CSS Snippets that you are looking for.

Please refer to Contribution Guidelines before creating Pull requests. And lastly, don't hesitate. Feel free to shoot me questions 😄