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I backup all my files in git, basically my life in a nutshell.
For now, I am using bitbucket for the git storage.
Planning to migrate to GitHub in the future.

I don't just organize my code, I organize all my files. Including videos, pictures and rants. And also much more in the future.

All of that backups will be cloned in all of my developing machines. I usually name them as root, so '~/root'.

Here's the tree view of root :


Here, let me explain.

  • dev/ is for my works. Developer stuffs.
  • files/ is for files. Mostly downloads of zip files.
  • images/ is for images. Basically my photos, backuped.
  • rants/ is for my rants. I'm usually bored at the bus. So I just open my MacBook and just start ranting as I wait for the bus to arrive.
  • videos/ is for my videos. When I don't have anything to do, I usually sing random shit and I record it. Even tho the folder says videos some of them isn't a video.

files/, images/, rants/ & videos/ doesn't really have a lot of files for now since I'm really focused on the dev/ directory.

Inside the dev/ folder

Treeview :

  • cdn/ is the directory of my CDN. Mostly frameworks or clients files.
  • fun/ is where I put files that isn't related to works. Mostly open-source contribution and stuffs.
  • packages/ is where I put installer stuffs. Probably some frameworks configuration and some dotfiles.
  • works/ is where I put work stuff. Clients source code. Yeah, those stuffs.

Inside the fun/ folder

Treeview :

  • experiments/ is where I do experiments.
  • mine/ is where I put personal codes. Mostly website and algorithm.
  • open-source/ is where I do my open source stuffs. You know, those stuffs.
  • shits/ is where all those legacy codes rests in peace.

That's it. Let me know what you think.


I ended up splitting the git repo between the dev/ folder and everything else.

  • dev/ is now called Workspace.
  • everything else is now called BEE (Basically Everything Else)

Oh, and I also moved shits from fun to root. (mv fun/shits . && mv shits cemetery)

It is now called cemetery.

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Woa. You are a lot more organized than I am! Been trying to get some structure in my workflow for a while now. I'll take this into consideration doing that.


I know! I use to do ~/GitHub/projects/<project name> but I get tired since it is really really dirty. I gotta be honest, long paths isn't actually that bad, it actually help me out to organize thing by categories. Anyway, thanks for reading this post!


Not too long, though! Windows will refuse that. ;)

That's why I use Mac OS X/Ubuntu! #NoWindowsAllowed


I am amazed that you don't have a 'miscellaneous' folder.


That's actually why I organize all my files in a completely structured categories. Even tho there is ~/root/dev/fun/shits/, does that count?