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Top 43 Events for CTOs to Attend in 2017/2018

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As a CTO it’s important to continuously be increasing your knowledge and network. One great way to do that is to attend technology conferences in your space.

Below we highlight some of the top events that CTOs should consider attending for the remainder of 2017 and the start of 2018.

The events below are listed in proximity to the actual date of the event. If you’re last minute, then start at the top.

1. That Conference Wisconsin

This is a developer-oriented conference that explores the IoT and all of its associated technologies, like mobile, web, and the cloud. It’s also held at a waterpark and has plenty of family-oriented activities, so feel free to bring the family.

Dates: August 7th-9th

2. Software Testing Training Week

This is a team-oriented event, so you may want to bring a few of your developers along. You’ll learn the skills you need to boost productivity, improve testing, and help you build better software. There are both classes and topics covered, so you can build your own customized week of training.

Dates: August 21-25

3. International Conference of ICT

Do you need to up your knowledge of big data, the cloud, and security? This conference explores the latest trends in the above topics, and combines equal parts theory with practical application. If big data plays in role in the future of your company, then this event could be hugely beneficial.

Dates: August 21-25

4. JupyterCon New York City 2017

Jupyter Notebooks are a popular and powerful tool for sharing and communicating data analysis. Open source tools like this can help you solve “last mile issues, and help to transform your existing workflows. If you’ve been thinking about implementing Jupyter into your development cycle, this conference is worth attending.

Dates: August 23-25

5. Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit Cancun 2017

As a CTO, you may have an overlapping role as a CIO. But, even if you don’t, having a greater understanding of the latest developments in the IT space can be beneficial. This conference explores the future of the IT and CIO space.

Dates: August 29-31

6. Chief Data and Analytics Officer Melbourne 2017

Having a deep understanding of data and analytics can help to transform your organization. This conference will help you gain a better understanding of data in your organization, highlight how to build a data-driven culture, and much more.

Dates: September 4-6

7. Data Visualization Summit Boston 2017

This two day event is focused solely around data design and analysis. If you’re looking to better understand your data and improve your data literacy, then you’ll want to check out this conference.

Dates: September 6-7

8. nginx.conf 2017

This conference will teach you best practices and techniques in application development and delivery, including things like microservices, DevOps, cloud and containers.

Dates: September 6-8

 9. Industry Cleveland 2017

This conference is all about analyzing the latest trends in product management. It can be easy to get caught up in doing without thinking about the bigger picture. This conference forces you to step back, get inspired, and really think about your own product.

Dates: September 13-15

10. Forrester Privacy and Security 2017

This conference explores the rapid escalation of security, privacy, and risk from an enterprise level perspective. Learn how you can implement better security practices to ensure long-term customer trust.

Dates: September 14-15

11. O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 2017

AI is going to shake up a lot of industries. This conference focuses on implementing AI in real-world projects, as well as its potential in industries yet to be disrupted by AI technology. It brings the top minds together to cut through the hype and deliver the most practical concepts, right now.

Dates: September 18-20

12. Enterprise Business Collaboration Berlin 2017

This conference focuses on the place where business and technology meet, and the collaboration tools and platforms that enable the process. If you’re looking to improve your collaboration across all existing channels, then this is the conference for you.

Dates: September 18-20

13. Transformation Exchange London 2017

This conference brings together senior executives who are responsible for implementing and optimizing their mobility strategies and solutions. Expect to gain new insights from top executives in the field.

Dates: September 19-20

14. 4th Annual Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit

This is a useful event if you’re looking to shake up your customer experience strategy. Speakers have been chosen to help you gain insights into the evolving digital landscape. You’ll learn about the latest innovations in mobile, social, AI, VoC, big data, and personalization.

Dates: September 19-20

15. WORKTECH17 Singapore

This conference is dedicated to the future of work. Part of being a CTO is team management and this will help you think about how to take your team into the future.

Dates: September 19

16. Product Innovation Summit Boston 2017

This conference covers the latest trends surrounding product development and overall product lifecycle. It covers things like design thinking, the role of big data, rapid prototyping and deployment, identification and execution of new opportunities and more.

Dates: September 25-26

17. Driving Change Conference London 2017

The Driving Change Conference dives into new and innovative approaches to cultural, behavioral, and organizational change, which is a must-have for any CTO. It will cover topics like building long-term change goals, inspiring long-term staff engagement, behavior shifts and mindsets to help embrace change and much more.

Dates: September 27

18. STARWEST Software Testing Conference Anaheim 2017

STARWEST is one of the longest running conferences on software testing and quality assurance. Topics to be covered at this event include testing techniques, DevOps, leadership, project management, agile testing, and more.

Dates: October 1-6

19. Business Meet on Cloud and Internet of Things 2017

This conference will highlight the most innovative advancements and technologies that are affecting IoT. It’s part exhibition and part conference, for those looking to be informed on the latest advancements in this space.

Dates: October 2-3

 20. DX Day London 2017

DX Day will be all about how leading UK brands across eCommerce, retail and finance are managing their digital experiences. It highlights both the business and technical issues surrounding enterprise-scale projects.

Dates: October 3

21. BoxWorks San Francisco 2017

This conference brings together leads across every part of the technology sector to show you how to thrive in today’s digital world. Join industry leaders like Google and IBM, in discussing topics like, collaboration, information management, and more.

Dates: October 10-13

22. IoTBuild San Francisco 2017

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a startup, IoTBuild will be useful. It’s an event where business and technical experts will talk freely about how they’ve built IoT business models, applications, products, and services. The future of IoT is being built right now, will you be a part of it?

Dates: October 11-12

23. CMS Summit Orlando 2017

Crazy about content management? This is a content management system conference and expo that’s a great chance for you to learn about emerging product and network with like minded techies. If you’re a CTO in the CMS space, then this event is a must-attend.

Dates: October 14-18

24. TechWeek New York 2017

TechWeek holds several conferences throughout the year that focuses on innovations in technology. At each conference, they partner with entrepreneurs and investors to bring you the latest advancements and news in technology.

Dates: October 16-20

25. Cyber Security Chicago 2017

This conference offers insights for security decision makers about current best practices and the future of cyber security. If you want to learn from experts about how you can build stronger defense and quickly recover from attacks, then this is the conference for you.

Date: October 18-19

26. Constellation’s Connected Enterprise 2017

This innovation summit is hosted by the research firm, Constellation Research. You’ll learn from technology visionaries, market leads, and see new product demos. Learn from the best and brightest in the technology space and where it’s headed into the future.

Dates: October 25-27

27. Data Visualization Summit London 2017

This summit brings together some of the world’s leaders in this industry. From programmers to experience front-end developers, this summit will help you learn how to both visualize and integrate data into your company.

Dates: November 2-3

28. Dare Mighty Things Chicago 2017

Dare Mighty Things will change the way you see the world, and was voted one of the “8 Top Tech Conferences You Can’t Miss”, by Inc.. Learn from tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who share their stories on creating breakthrough innovations.

Dates: November 3

29. Web Summit Lisbon 2017

This conference began back in 2010 with the idea to connect the technology community with all industries. If you’re looking to open your mind and see how other industries are utilizing and contributing to the advancement of technology, then this is worth attending.

Dates: November 7-9

30. The Implementing Actionable Data Insights Conference - Drive Performance London 2017

At this conference you’ll learn fresh and innovative approaches for capturing data insights and using them to make better business decisions, and drive performance. Collecting data isn’t enough, you need a thoughtful methodology for making that data actionable.

Dates: November 14

31. The Business Show London 2017

The Business Show is a free exhibition that provides a wealth of business motivation and knowledge. This event features business owners from a variety of industries that centers around expanding your business.

Dates: November 16-17

32. AWS re:INVENT Las Vegas 2017

This is the leading conference hosting by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud community. If you’re looking for ways you can utilize AWS effectively, then this learning-based conference is for you.

Dates: November 27 - December 1

33. Mobile Innovation Summit San Francisco 2017

This summit will focus on the developing mobile landscape and how to most effectively utilize it in your business. It offers strategies from the leaders of mobile and how they are using mobile within their existing companies.

Dates: December 4-5

34. Black Hat Europe 2017

This conference will provide you with the latest research, development and trends in information security. At this conference you’ll find a combination of research presentations and hands-on trainings.

Dates: December 4-7

35. Advocamp San Francisco 2017

Your customer can be your biggest detractor or your biggest supporter. This conference focuses on the idea that the future belongs to companies who develop customer advocates. It seeks to teach you how to both develop and mobilize advocates.

Dates: December 6-8

36. AI World 2017

AI World is the industry leading event on the current state of enterprise AI and machine learning. It’s goal is to help technology executives cut through the hype and learn to deploy these advanced technologies to build competitive advantage, create new business opportunities and more.

Dates: December 11-13

37. Big Data Innovation Summer Las Vegas 2018

As organizations change and continue to embrace technological advances, data becomes the key factor in how companies can gain a competitive advantage. This conference explores how companies can better embrace data and use it to push forward.

Dates: January 24-25

38. NamesCon Las Vegas 2018

Most companies today are built on the back of their domain names. This conference focuses on the explosive growth of new TLDs and the expansion of internet connectivity worldwide.

Dates: January 29-31

39. Developer’s Week San Francisco 2018

This conference is San Francisco’s largest development conference. It includes mixers, workshops, drink-ups, and events across the city. It covers new technologies including HTML5, Node.js, Data Science, Full-Stack Javascript Development, and more.

Dates: February 3-8

40. Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summer Melbourne 2018

This two-day event includes two days of educational presentations, panel sessions, interactive discussions, and networking. It covers topics including data analytics, data science, predictive analytics, machine learning and algorithms, and cloud computing.

Dates: February 7-8

41. Innovation Summit San Diego 2018

This summit provides a platform for industry leaders to deliver case studies, expertise and unique insights into the power of being able to forecast the future with today’s data. Learn how practitioners deploy predictive modeling, and its impact on business.

Dates: February 14-15

42. Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2018

If your company is involved in the mobile landscape, then you’ll find this conference valuable. This conference dives deep into new and emerging mobile technologies and how they’re going to disrupt the mobile landscape.

Dates: March 12-15

43. Think Las Vegas 2018

This conference brings together the World of Watson and Interconnect to discuss the future of AI, cloud, data, IoT and security. AI is already causing stirs in all sorts of industries, so by the time 2018 rolls around, you’ll want to see what it’s up to, and this event is the way to do that.

Dates: March 19-22

Check That Calendar

If you want to keep growing as a CTO, check that calendar, clear a few dates with the boss, and purchase those tickets – because you’ve got some conferencing to do!

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Anthony Bouvier

Top 43 seems a bit ... broad, no?

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Ben Halpern

Nobody can go to everything, but I appreciate the usefulness of this list. There's something here for people from all corners of the globe.

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Brian Rinaldi

One you may not be aware of is the CTO Summit series. Here's one coming in December.