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React-Redux Roadmap Zero to Advanced: Part 1 πŸš€

I know a lot of blogs, videos, channels are available for new React Developers to learn. Here is my recommendation to grasp React concepts at the speed of light....
Front End Development Roadmap (React)

Basic HTML, CSS, JS -

Mimo App: Learning to code can be easy and fun. Start learning now! (
Beginners can use this app to build your basic foundation on HTML, CSS, JS. Backend developers who deliberately suck at front-end can also use this app to get clarity on the basics.

JavaScript -

The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert!
Learn Modern Javascript (Build and Test Apps) - Full Course | Udemy

You can master JS or use this course for understanding JS in depth! If you want to learn any JavaScript based Framework or Library, please get your hands dirty with all important concepts in JavaScript.

Now let us come to some free stuff i.e. Youtube Channels

Codevolution - Vishwesh covers many concepts in Front end Development. His explanation is very simple, structured and concise. I have added many links from his channel in this blog.
I would recommend to go through Advanced JS Series

ES6+ (Modern JavaScript)

Programming with Mosh-
I really love Mosh's videos. The problem now is they are old and many concepts are deprecated. But I would recommend ES6 Concepts from this channel.

Another good one for ES6+ Concepts is
Very popular community youtube channel! Go through this for ES6+ concepts!!!!
Brush up ES6 concepts they are very important for React development

Enough of Pre-requisites. Let's come to the point!

React JS -

Explore Main concepts and Advanced Concepts from official website of React!

One of the popular course is
React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)
Warning: The projects use React 16!!!

Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

***React 18 has deprecate many things so you can enroll in other updated courses as well!*

React Hooks and Stuff:
PedroTech -
Get started with React Hooks on PedroTech in one shot!

Few amazing React Crash Courses:
Traversy Media - React JS Crash Course -
This crash course includes basics implementation in less than 2 hours. After this you can start building basic projects for your developer portfolio in React.

Academind- React Crash Course for Beginners 2021 - Learn ReactJS from Scratch in this 100% Free Tutorial!
This is also for beginners but includes Routing, Context Api, useEffect, many more things...
**Please check React 18 Documentation and skip the deprecated part of these crash courses!!!!!


Codevolution- React Redux Tutorials - 1 - Introduction -
The videos were published in 2019. But I would still recommend it as many beginners find Redux challenging. Here you need to actually code along with the series or apply on your personal project.

Redux Toolkit

Codevolution Redux Toolkit-

Redux Toolkit is becoming popular and developer's favorite due to reduction in the boilerplate code that comes with the Toolkit. Step by step you can master Redux Toolkit by completing the series!!!

All the best!.....Comment if the blog helped you and also if your are excited for the Part 2!!!

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Lenz Weber

Hi, Redux maintainer here - there is really no good reason to learn plain Redux in 2022. Please read Why Redux Toolkit is How To Use Redux Today

Also, just from going over the "Redux Toolkit" playlist, it seems to teach antipatterns like "bind action creators" and is missing more modern parts of Redux Toolkit like RTK Query.

Please just follow the official Redux Tutorial instead.

rohancodes02 profile image
Rohan G

After going through the blog you mentioned....It is right that plain Redux is not recommended in 2022....they have mentioned for understanding what's happening in RTK under the hood.... it is necessary to understand Plain Redux what would you recommend for an absolute beginner with no prior knowledge on Redux?

phryneas profile image
Lenz Weber

No. It is "nice to know" but absolutely not necessary and for most people it is just an extra level of confusion. You can always learn that later.

hectorshaw profile image
Omkar Gawde

But still interviews they still might be asking plain redux b4 toolkit ?

phryneas profile image
Lenz Weber

Then you can tell them that the Redux team is recommending Redux Toolkit over legacy Redux since 2019 and if they have a legacy code base you will happily learn legacy concepts for them in your paid time there.

With the same argument, you could start learning React 0.14 or JQuery.

rohancodes02 profile image
Rohan G

Makes Sense! Thanks for your suggestion!