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Build a MERN Stack App in 5 Days (The Introduction)

  • What we will create: Kysymys - A MERN Stack social question and answer site similar to Quora with functionalities of User Authentication, Posting a Question, Submitting Answers to Questions, etc.


  • What tools will we be using: React for frontend + TailwindCSS for styling, MongoDB for database, NodeJS + Express for backend server, routing and communicating with the database and Firebase for Google Authentication.

Trying to make the switch from frontend/backend to full-stack? Or just looking to have fun and sharpen up on your dev skills? Then come along and join the 5-part series where we go over the planning, coding (and debugging) of a MERN Stack Application from scratch.

This series is meant to be a beginner-friendly introduction to the MERN stack to devs who are acquainted with React and NodeJS, have worked on the technologies independently but are unable to connect it all together to complete the puzzle to build a full stack application. With ample space to add more functionalities and completely customize the app, upon completing this 5-part tutorial ,you will be confident in your skills to code a complete MERN stack application from scratch and take your dev skills to the next level!

Part 1

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Yongchang He

Looking forward to seeing your step-by-step tutorial Series!

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Thank you! Part 1 has now been posted