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Your all-in-one accessibility and productivity Chrome Extension.

Hey Dev Community!

We just launched Someity - the only tool you need to start taking control of webpages in your browser. 🐶

Someity is an overall winner at a Major League Hacking hackathon. After days of hard work we transformed it from a weekend hack to a full-fledge product (our first, yay!) on Product Hunt.

Here's what Someity can do for you:

🤖 Someity Actions
Navigate webpages, play music, translate from any language to English and get directions just by speaking to Someity.

🔤 Webpage Font Customizations
Customize font type, colors and sizes on any webpage on the Internet!

🤟 Sign Language Support
We know not everyone might be comfortable understanding written-languages and so we included Sign Language support. Transform webpage text into sign language with just a click!

🎯 Focus Mode
Suffering from cognitive impairments or just want to kill out all distractions while working? Focus Mode helps you veil images and highlight words on scroll. No more getting distracted!

🔎 Magnifier
Images not a11y compliant and appear too small to make sense of it? Magnifier is just the right tool for you. Enable and hover over images to watch it in action!

👀 Color Blind Aid
We want Someity to be for all and hence we built in color blindness features. Emphasize links in multi-colors and add text strokes to paragraph texts in a user-defined color effective for all types of color blindness.

🖨️ Take your webpages with you
Someity offers easy to use print screen and screen capture features making it way easier for non-tech savvy and accessibility prone users to operate.

Check out -

Try it out and let us know your feedback and any exciting new features that you would want Someity to have ❤️

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