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Public APIs are not really public anymore

Public APIs repository is a good source to find free and useful APIs to use in development. I personally created a few fun projects with the APIs I found in this repository.

But the situation of the project is not good now. The project was initially created by Todd Motto, but he transferred the ownership of the project to other people later. The project is now owned by a business called APILayer.

This project is now slowly moving towards promoting their business instead of listing the public APIs.

One of the project maintainers has written about the situation in his article:

It's now clear APILayer don't care about the project nor Open Source, their only goal is to take advantage of the large number of pageviews the project gets to redirect to their own company.

The team is still discussing what we should do to keep the project going. Please be careful with the project content now because we cannot ensure it's safe.

Fortunately, there is a new fork of the repository now. Hopefully, the maintainers of the fork would care about the open source and list the real public APIs. 🤞


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The new fork should explain that it's a fork of something, and the reason why that was done, maybe with a link to this article here - as it stands, it's just gonna be confusing, and the new repo might not attract the interest it should.

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Rajesh Kumar

Actually. These Apis are created only for self interest.