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Rolando Gómez Tabar
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Flatten Pandas dataframe MultiIndex


A few days ago, I had to extract a data from Oracle Database using SQL, and then PIVOT a long set of values in a column, to multiple columns. The sintax to do this, requires to write every single value you want to be as a column, not one but twice to avoid the default quotes.

See reference

There are a few options like pivoting using PIVOT XML, or even more recent to build a JSON column using JSON_ARRAYAGG and JSON_OBJECT to get dynamic columns or any value as an attribute, but still not so straightforward.

First try:

Lets try with a python notebook (I use VSCode notebook).
First import pandas:

import pandas as pd
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We will use a random free dataset:

# source file from
df = pd.read_csv('./vgsales.csv')
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Using the function pivot_table we will transponse the values of the column Genre to be a column for every value in the dataset.

pivot_df = df.pivot_table(index=['Year', 'Publisher'], columns=['Genre'], values=['Global_Sales'], aggfunc=np.sum, fill_value=0)
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simple df.pivot_table

Now let's reset_index() to "try" flattening the indexes.

mi_pivot_df = pivot_df.reset_index()
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Ook, not sure, but, lets try to export to an Excel, with index=False to avoid showing the index column to the left.

pivot_df.to_excel('./global_sales_by_publishers_genres.xlsx', index=False)
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pivot_df.to_excel 1
So, it's not implemented. Although, it does work when you remove the index=False part. However it will show the index column to the left and the two column indexes, which I don't want to be there.

Second try

I searched the solution to flat the most, but no answer was full, complete enough, and free of errors. I collected all, and by try and error, got here, a working solution. I also works after using pivot function:

flat_index_pivot_df = pivot_df['Global_Sales'].reset_index()
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df.reset_index 2

Now you can get a clean Excel Sheet, free of MultiIndex.

flat_index_pivot_df.to_excel('./global_sales_by_publishers_genres.xlsx', index=False)
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Do you know another solution?

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Chris Moffitt

Nice article. I wrote a small utility for pandas called sidetable which flattens multi-indexes and gives some additional options. It might be useful to you and your readers.

You can see it here -