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Express.js v.5: permanent alpha or what is going on?

Hey DEVs! Express.js, the most popular web server framework for Node.js. The latest stable version of Express.js is 4. But it also has an alpha version (v.5) with quite a long history. Latest release of v.5 was on 2018-10-26 (which is around a year ago from now). And then, if you look at the release history you can see that the first release of v.5 was done almost FIVE years ago (2014-11-06). And today it still stays in alpha (5.0.0-alpha.7).

What are your thoughts on this? Have you used this alpha in your projects? Should we migrate to it or it will never really go stable?

Please share your experience and ideas with the community, I'm pretty sure it will be useful for many of us! Many thanks in advance!

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merthod profile image

Seems the Express team went on to work with Koa. To me, Express is an abandoned project that is somewhat in maintenance mode, much like EmberJS. As old as it is, it's missing the goodness of newer ES releases, which Koa has.

Anyway, I'd like to know the insider's scoop, too.